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It's that time of the year again! Monta Vista DECA invites 8th grade students just entering monta vista to come and attend BBC for a week of fun and learning. We will be covering business aspects such as hospitality, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. More...


ICDC Winners

Sanketh Hegde, Sai Ranganathan, Ishaan Shah


Monta Vista DECA is a co-curricular student organization committed to providing its members the opportunity to discover and experience business and leadership through its competitions, community, and culture. We connect our members to the real world with international competitions, industry tours, and networking opportunities.

With over 600 members and 60+ competitions, we are Monta Vista's premier business organization.

ICDC Winners


Fun at BBC


DECA Family


Competitions: The MVDECA competitions program trains our members by perfecting their presentation and writing skills. Every year, we attend four conferences that allow members to gain honors and awards in both written plan events and roleplay events. These events provide valuable industry exposure to members that will prove to be priceless as they venture into the real business world further on in life. Members of DECA can utilize their skills in and out of the classroom; they stand out as more confident, innovative, and successful because of their experiences from DECA. Simply put, DECA teaches members how to market themselves, whether it be to teachers, colleges, or employers.

Community: DECA provides members with a chance to be a part of their community by offering a variety of internship and volunteering opportunities.

Through the various volunteering opportunities, members are able to gain volunteer hours as well as give back to their community. Internships at companies like State Farm and Lending Tree allow students to apply their knowledge in a real-world environment and acquire additional knowledge and skills.

Culture: Monta Vista DECA has a place for everyone: from the huge variety of events to the sheer size of the organization, every student finds an event of interest and builds lasting friendships, which are crucial to a memorable high school experience. Although having such a large amount of members may sound intimidating and impersonal, DECA becomes a comfort zone where members have the freedom and the opportunity to grow and improve with one another. For members, MVDECA quickly becomes a diverse family of opportunity and success.

Monta Vista DECA is a CTSO, a facilitator of knowledge, and a group of students finding their way to success. But above all, Monta Vista DECA is a team. Whatever we do--whether it be networking, volunteering, competitions, or conferences--we do together. We work together, we compete together, and we win together. And it’s because of this teamwork that we are the largest organization in Monta Vista and ranked the #1 DECA chapter internationally.

For all returning members:
Thank you so much for being a part of this team. Let’s make the next year even more amazing than the last.

To all newcomers:
Take the leap and join us. We promise you won’t regret it.